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Is it possible for a greater recovery state than you're in right now? Or are you at a place where its as healed as it can be with current technology?

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Please realize that given you're fathers personality, you will be naturally, instinctively drawn to guys who ignore you, are distant, don't give you the time of day, or all 3 at once. Be always conscious of this. I imagine you've already received therapy hearing the way you describe things, but in case you haven't, in terms of a mate, you should go out of your way to seek someone who seems somewhat "boring".

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Welcome to reddit. Your post was fascinating and really informative from a psychological point of view. Thank you for including your childhood and family life. It really explains the reasons your trajectory in life pushed towards those places and people. I'm genuinely thrilled to hear you've been getting therapy and it shows in the way you write and describe things. Keep at it, you've hard a dark start at life.

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Are you really worried about a non-issue?