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Sounds like Malcom is no longer in the middle

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Your grandpa likely hated the Japanese because they came to the medics... With grenades. The Japanese are the most notorious group in recent history regarding their last stands...Very few ever surrendered under good terms with their captors. They almost always used suicide attacks to end the battle... Hatred of them, sadly, may of been justified by those dealing with their atrocities.

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I imagine it would. The Germans employed maneuver warfare better than anyone else had up to that point, and then some. They won France because the French thought it was virtually impossible to do what Germany did as quickly as it did.. How could an ARMY achieve such quick success, despite the logistical nightmare(s)? I'd imagine that keeping them motivated via meth/ect had to of helped.

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White guy here:

Because we're morons. We always have taken off shoes at my house, and I've never understood tracking dirt inside.. But if you see some people's houses and lifestyles, the shoe thing is part of a bigger problem.

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How do you like the Subway sandwich named after you?

For those that don't know what the 2 Chainz Special is