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I worked in the service department of a Chevy dealership for a couple years. At our shop, the turnover for the sales department was INCREDIBLY high and the atmosphere seemed very toxic. Seemed new guys would come in and just get chewed up and spat out like nothing, and I've heard similar things from friends at other dealers. Not to mention the wildly excessive cocaine usage.

When you move up to a higher class manufacturer, is the culture in the sales department different, or is it still the kind of caustic, dog-eat-dog world of the mass-market brands?

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Saw this pretty late, so I'm not sure if you'll even see this.

As somebody with ADPKD who will need a new kidney in 2 or 3 decades, I just wanted to say thank you!

My dad got a transplant several years ago, with my uncle as the donor, and both of them are doing great.

Being an organ donor if the unexpected happens is great, but being a living donor for someone you don't know is fucking INCREDIBLE. So selfless.

How's the recovery? I know when my dad had his impacted kidney removed and then the replacement put in, he lost a lot of abdominal strength. Not sure if that was specific to his case, since the kidney that was removed was pretty severely deteriorated and much much larger than normal.

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That's good to hear, thanks for the response. I'd say stay healthy, but seems like you've got a pretty good handle on that