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Assuming you’re asking in good faith and not just trolling (perhaps you’re quite young and inexperienced?): in general, if someone has assaulted you, and you are desperately trying to get out of there alive, you are going to do what they ask, even if that means going along with the idea that this was just a date. That might involve convincing oneself of the fiction. People do a lot to survive, and it’s often only once someone has been safe for a while that they are able to process the reality.

OP has also explained that she was too young to know that she was being raped - she knew she had had a traumatic experience, but she didn’t know what the crime of rape actually involved.

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Ooh - I can imagine future guests paying to take part in refining the slag and making jewellery out of what they find (and/or out of what’s been found previously). Are you thinking of having artisan workshops on site?

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Other conditions also involve blue sclera (mostly connective tissue disorders, ie bones, skin, ligaments, lungs misbehave). If you have issues you need medical help with, it would be good to draw your doctor’s attention to your eyes.

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For me, in a similar ish position, the line is not so much to do with capacity to do things as about suffering. Is the suffering I’m experiencing more than the suffering I will cause by leaving my loved ones? I have been close to crossing the line many times, but thankfully have managed to get medical help recently which has moved the line much further away for now.

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I’m guessing it’s partly to do with sign language. It’s been so difficult to get hearing people to allow Deaf people to learn and use sign language, which is a distinct set of languages expressing a distinct culture. 100% hearing impaired people need it to develop well cognitively and get through education successfully. Implants take away the absolute need for sign language. The fewer kids that need it, the fewer hearing people are going to bother teaching them to sign.