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You mentioned in the book that you had bookshelves full of various settlement/etc books. Did that include fictional - specifically I kept thinking of Delta-V By Daniel Suarez while reading what I have so far - which not only features asteroid mining, in-situ/space use of materials,etc, but features a space lawyer as one of its major characters (though he and the above concepts are more explored in its sequel Critical Mass)
At least in-the-moment reading it made it seem somewhat plausible to start an entire space economy with a mere $40bn or so.
One thing it really did lean heavily on was tech to efficiently harvest asteroids to their base materials to produce carbonyls, that were then used by chemical vapor deposition to produce objects. Both the harvesting tech and CVD are probably beyond our current capabilities of both techs, though they are based on existing real-world patents, and the novels are set about 10 years from now.

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OK so I'm late here...

Absolutely not. All source is running on bare metal. We compile source to ARM shared libraries, which is the way iOS apps are compiled.

What do you plan to do when the eventual x86-based Android devices begin to take off. If the Bay Trail performance is really as good as the alleged leaked benchmarks, I think you'll quickly run in to this.