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mrsirthemovie26 karma

When is the Ray-El update coming? Probably one of my favorite episodes that isn't heavy hitter/alien centric. If for no other reason than for Henry to do his Ray-El impression again. Hail Gein and hail Ben, Marcus and Henry

mrsirthemovie8 karma

What's the worst studio note you ever recieved for either MST3K or anything else you ever worked on? MST3K, particularly the Scifi channel years were essential in forming my sense of humor as a young man and remains a show I will never stop rewatching (Hobgoblins is my favorite episode)

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Well I didn't like that one bit

mrsirthemovie3 karma

I would kill to hear a collab with ICP or Tech! Those would be fun tracks for sure

mrsirthemovie3 karma

Lars! Big fan! Love the new album, especially "The Dip". I know you said something about doing a Roger Rabbit themed ep a little while ago. Are you still going to do that? Are you still friends with Ill Bill? Thank you!