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I gotta say, I LOVED Iron sky. It has a nice art style behind it. Unfortunately I had to watch it online because it didn't get shown in cinema's down here.

Critics were not so optimistic about your first film, yet you guys decide to make a sequel. Is this to give the critics a middle finger or don't you care about critics at all?

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How many miles do you actually run per night?

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I think you will be surprised at the outcome. I used to be an airsoft referee, walked quite the miles on a day (I think it was around 10-15 miles). And that was just walking, not running. But I am curious...

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"We want a European Union that focuses –among other things- on innovation and transparency". This is a very bold statement, considering that the transparency on various subjects are rapidly declining. Wikileaks is a great example of this problem, but also Bitcoins and the upcoming referendum in the Netherlands.

How do you plan to be more "transparent" if information has to come from websites such as Wikileaks, and how can we be sure that the information that is being delivered by the EU is open and accurate? On the case of innovation: In the Netherlands we have "KING" & "GEMMA" for muncipalities, will a similar system also be implemented for the whole EU?