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Hi! I'm interested to know if Elizabeth Moss being a Scientologist affected how this was produced and performed, being that Scientology is dystopian and terrifying enough to be part of one of your novels. Considering that Scientology leader David Miscavige's own wife is currently considered by many to be a prisoner of the cult, I find it curious that a Scientologist would participate in a film like The Handmaid's Tale. Any opinions on this?

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  1. Red chile stew (posole)
  2. Pork green chile stew
  3. Indian tacos, I guess is what I would call it. But it’s just grilled lamb and a grilled green chile on fry bread.
  4. Fry bread with honey.

In many ways I am disconnected from the rez, my grandad still lives there but all the family I actually care about live in ABQ or elsewhere. I live in Los Angeles now. But I miss the food and I miss the community. Being around NDN folks is something really special, like I can be myself on a higher level. Even reading your AMA makes me feel better! Keep doing you, cuz.

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I’m Laguna Pueblo and whenever I get homesick I make red chile stew! Made it last week, lol. My husband loves it when I’m homesick because I finally cook.

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I dunno if I’m the right person to answer that, or even participate in this convo because I’m a self-loathing Indian. I pretend to be Anglo most of the time, lol. My grandfather was the tribal president (kind of like an elected mayor of the tribe, not a chief, and not permanent although he held the position for like 25 years) and he beat the shit out of my mom on a regular basis, while everyone knew, so she ran away at 17. That’s why I wasn’t raised on the Rez. I see my cousins and a ton of family, and go back about once a year. But I have no contact with the “elders” who either stood by and watched children being abused, or participated in it. And most of my Rez cousins are a hot mess of drama, alcoholism, and abuse (it’s not their fault, they are victims too). The well-adjusted people with any promise left the Rez a long time ago, and I’m closer with them. And so the people I actually care about don’t care that I switched tribal affiliations. I’m happier to not be associated with my ancestral tribe anyway, at least until the monster who hurt my mom finally dies, along with the rest from his generation. Fuck them.

Edit: I realize how bitter and awful I sound, so I’m sorry. This is a sad reality, though, of many Native American families like mine. Generational pain is real. But I’m actually a really happy and positive person, and my mom is amazing and living her best life. She is truly the strongest person I know to grow up the way she did and come out with a kind heart. Which makes my hatred for anyone who has ever hurt her more intense.

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She was born into it. I believe her father, Ron Moss, is a "minister" of Scientology.