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I totally believe this.

It scares me at the same time.

I see the local political level and everytime a property dispute or a policing issue gets complicated so many people disengage. It really will come down the the better soundbites. How much more on a national level ?

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I'm confused. How can you get into trouble for helping people ? Are you breaking company rules, to help people ?

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I was shocked last year at being able to keep my unlimited data plan, and get upgrade phone pricing. All I had to do was activate a fourth phone line on my contract, and the phone sits in a desk drawer.

Next year, how do I keep my unlimited data plan with a new contract ?

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Nice to see tech-savvy people in the Republican party. I'll be following your ideas with interest.

Business is important, not just big business. Technology enables small businesses and can be very disruptive to established ones. And then there's the issues of monopoly powers in American internet connection choices.

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I prefer an option that doesn't require me to pay full price.