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I’m stuck indoors, too. I get to leave the house for certain appointments, but the majority of my time, I’m in bed, too. I lost many friends. I have one friend and one boyfriend. They try on occasion to see me, but both work a lot. Maybe I’ll see someone twice a month if I’m feeling up for it. It’s tough sometimes, but it’s hard to maintain friendships from bed and pain.

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I completely understand that. I still mourn my health, because I actually keep getting worse. I actually dream about school and how I haven’t finished. My biggest goal is to get a PhD. I don’t care if it takes my whole life, i hope I can manage something I’m proud of. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. It’s hard. I HATE not having responsibilities and miss everything. I send you warm vibes. I hope you can do something nice for the weekend... i can’t wait to see the super blood wolf moon on Sunday !

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I remember learning it was dedicating time to be in ‘god’s house’ and to be around like minded people who also love god. (Not a believer of the Bible anymore).

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The one thing that I can’t and haven’t been able to do is forgive. I don’t see how I can forgive the men who were supposed to be my friends and assaulted me. I have taken groups past DBT, am a neuropsychology student, and feel like I can’t forgive... I don’t want to forgive. That should still be okay, right?

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Is Retin a really a life changing topical? I have acne scars and a few deep pits. The thing I keep getting thrown at me is Retin-a, tretinoin. Then there’s so much difficulty with my skin peeling and not finding good hydrating creams and those irritate me. I keep looking and buying products of all price ranges. Is it more beneficial and realistic to get my face resurfaced instead?