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mrmcduff19 karma

Congrats on living the dream. As a software developer, I have to wonder how you keep such an expansive, major product stable, given that you have a development team of 1 (or so it seemed in the Kicktarter vid - i'm a backer)

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If the game takes off like the Kickstarter campaign has and really builds an audience, are you planning on expanding Coda Games, adding people, etc, to make your own indie publisher? Or do you see yourself joining forces with an established (but please not EA-size) house to keep going in game development?

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Did you do all the writing for the story of Liege? Also - is the written story finished, or is that part of the yet-to-be-completed stuff?

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Cool. I'm an indie writer, so I love to see other creative people get out there and get their work recognized. Congratulations - can't wait to play it.

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You've mentioned that you are staying away from leveling to avoid grinding. What are you doing (besides writing an awesome story, presumably), to replace that sense of the player's people growing/getting more awesome? Although that definitely contributes to grinding, it also contributes to fun. I always loved getting the "level up" screen/music/dance/big new fireball.