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Hey Chad,

Have you ever considered separating the bell peppers and grilled onions? I may be an anomaly but I know a TON of people that hate bell peppers but love grilled onions (myself included). Also, have you thought about adding anything that primarily tastes like garlic as a topping? People love garlic, but I don’t feel like I get it at chipotle.

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Is there any particular brand that people flock to that you have experienced consistent issues with their products?

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Thanks for the response! I have been looking for a good pair of headphones recently and those seem to be the most controversial. I will look for the best reviewed on Amazon.

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Thanks for the suggestions and advice. I probably would have done that so I appreciate you giving me the heads up.

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I recently had my Apple ID stolen and used to register several new devices. Why would someone want to register new devices under my name? They even went as far as to name their devices my name.

Apple confirmed someone called into apple support as me and that’s where it started.

Should I do anything more than delete the devices and change my passwords to everything?