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Where is the proof??? This lazy journalism! We must see proof of this so called "dope" dog.

I want to see a cute dog pic.

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So it sounds kind of like how Cython deals with type annotations in that if you use them you get big performance gains because it can shortcut the compiler, but if you don't that's fine too, it will still compile down and be faster than standard python. Would that be a fair comparison?

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Actually an option here is to sync the repo from somewhere you have good or fast Internet, then bring it to the Bush and update locally.

There are more than a couple solutions for this but most of them boil down to:

see this update server? Get it. All of it.


I'm the update server now.jpg

Once you do that you can resync whenever you are at fast Internet if you even care. Don't need the most current security patches if you are in the middle of nowhere and not hosting anything.

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I believe there is a consensus that your canine qualifies as in fact "dope". Appropriate descriptors also include " cute", "adorable", and "fly". Please carry on.

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Ahhh thank you for the clarification! Very interesting.