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I got “lucky” with my nasopharyngeal cancer. First doc (ENT) was an idiot. Asked my FIL, retired neurologist, who his ENT was. Saw that doc the next day with FIL right there watching the exam, this was Tuesday. Surgery was being set for Thursday, AM as I left the office for pre-robotic surgery scans. Made it through two rounds of surgery and heavy radiation, 60 grays. Tumor type was chemo resistant. Now clean 6 years out but, at age 66, the fatigue has kicked in. Still, with a near zero expectation, fatigue is the preferred outcome.

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My favorite line about bike paths came from a woman who was a professional rider. She said of a popular local bike path, "The cones are not too bad today." I looked puzzled. She said, "Cones are the semi-stationary objects on the path: other bikes, joggers, strollers, bladers, dogs on leashes, etc." The statistics say that a good rider is ten times more likely to be in an accident on a path than on the road. And where bike path speed is 12 mph, on the essentially flat bike paths a "good" rider is doing 25 mph. Twice the average speed is not safe. Roads are preferred.