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I have only been in direct contact once, personally, when I was encouraged to keep up the good work I have been doing. I was told there are 8 different species working together with individuals like me, who are involved with disclosure and spreading the truth. They also enhanced my ability to communicate telepathically.

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The Guardian is close but not 100% accurate. I have blamed The Cabal, which comprises the Illuminati, the “Three Sisters” as I call them, the Bilderbergers, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the banking cartel, the oil cartel, the transnational corporations, the intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI, NSA, the British MI6, the Israeli Mossad and a very large swath of the US military, have collectively suppressed knowledge of zero point energy which is the only hope to replace fossil fuels fast enough to stop the worst effects of global warming. But, zero point energy was not brought to us by the aliens. God gave it to us when he created the cosmos. The American military developed it decades ago, as did other inventors and entrepreneurs. It is still on the secret list. We must gain access and start using it at once if we want to save thousands of lives.

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Okay that’s good one! The most important issues are global warming, a larcenous banking and financial system, the deep state and it’s plans for us and the world. I will be elaborating on each of these topics in due course throughout the day.

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Throughout 2005, it was not a single moment, but the process of learning about “the broader reality” that we are not alone in the cosmos, that there are many brothers and sisters who have be visiting our planet for a long time. We have to get to know each other and work together for the common good. It was this new reality that encouraged me to be the first person of cabinet rank in the then G8 to say “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead” this was the truth.

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Hi! I have done my best to answer your questions as best as I can.

For your first question, it is a “natural” communication without technology.

  1. Some have. Valiants Thor, the Benevolent Venusian with an IQ of 1200 lived in the pentagon for three or four years, offered us Earthlings a richer, healthier life in exchange for giving up our nuclear weapons. His offer was not accepted. (More on Thor, including his picture, in my latest book Hope Restored.)
  2. They shared their technology and both the US and Russia have adopted it for military purposes. Some has spilled over including microchips used in our smartphones. Unfortunately we could have had more in agriculture and medicine, for example, if we had abandoned our warlike ways.
  3. The US has a lease on Mars and according to Courtney Brown, heard of the “Foresight” Institute, the martians have at least two colonies on Earth.
  4. I have seen many pictures. They are not all humanoid, and some are quite different in appearance. To the best of my knowledge I have only been in their direct presence once. I am not a biologist, so you will have to look elsewhere for the range of difference which is considerable.
  5. Again, there are mark difference between species in respect of what they eat and their digestive systems, which I have been told are quite different from our own.
  6. Governments, especially the US government, have been working with several species for decades and knows an incredible amount about them. They have spent billions denying the existence of UFOs, ETs and their incredible characteristics. Only in recent days (last week) , have former US defence officials have admitted the reality of UFOs. I personally wonder about their motives. Unlike some whistle-blowers, I have broken no oaths. All my information has been gained from interviews and documents that have come my way but our discussion today has barely scratch the surface of these subjects. You need to read credible books - my books and others.