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Does this imply that you would like to talk about this more with the people in your life? Like if someone did ask about this would it be a welcome opportunity to talk more about this important event or would it feel like they are prying - does it depend on the moment?

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It's interesting that on both sides the fear is of making the other person uncomfortable!

What you said about feeling like she didn't actually die reminds me of something I read a while back describing praising something as the "consummation of joy," like you're almost fulfilling the beauty of a sunset by being able to turn to someone next to you and have them see it too, it seems like that's also the case with death and trauma maybe, like being able to share it with people fulfills and validates it..

I see you've responded to someone else further down so thank you for sharing your insights and story here!

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I love this - I've heard the quote that a person dies twice, once when they take their last breath and again when someone breathes their name for the last time. In that sense she will be around for a long while!

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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast