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I did start to get that "i'm being watched" feeling on occasion and would hop out.

Well, that's the creepiest thing I've read today.

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And I am also aware that federal loans have their own problems well. And I regret that, to some members of the audience, this video made it seem as though I was unaware of that fact. To address that, this year we are doing a major segment on the student loan industry; it's in an episode called Adam Ruins College.

Wow. Now that's a good answer! Thanks!

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What about "The Real Truth About Financial Aid"? Every other episode has been good, but that one [EDIT: ...video which was not an episode but which still featured you in character as the "Adam Ruins Everything" guy] stood out as more resembling shilling for FAFSA and/or the student loan industry than anything else.

Here's some of the commentary from the Reddit article about it:

Recently, CH posted a new episode of Adam Ruins Everything, the exciting, objective, unbiased show many people love. But something is strange in particular about this specific episode. It doesn't challenge any preconceived notions, nor does it even provide you any useful, or even new information. But it only does one thing, and one thing only...advertise.

The episode I am of course referring to is titled, "The Real Truth About Financial Aid." In the video, Adam expresses how signing up gets you "free money" for college, and everyone should do it. The girl in the video he is informing asks hand picked questions that desperately avoid Adam being forced to answer about Financial Aid in any negative or critical manner whatsoever. It's clear the video is aimed at high school students, trying to get them to sign up, because, as you can see scattered around the internet, college students are quickly calling out the bs the video presents.

EDIT: Thanks for the very straightforward and reasonable response!

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AFAICT, there are two major kinds of people who homeschool: religious fundamentalists and highly-educated people with unusual lifestyles. The latter tend to give decent educations.

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Not to mention, the furries (among others) can connect your BoozyBarrister and IRL identities so you aren't anonymous to anyone with a modicum of motivation anyway.