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That reminds me of Gavrilo Princip's day in his assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. So many small, seemingly insignificant things had to occur that day for the Archduke's car to end up in front of Princip.

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Is there any other kind of history?

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Obviously, I'm not Neil but I have some personal experience with this. I went to school in Washington state, met my wife and moved down to Arizona where she is from. I came into the Phoenix market literally knowing no one in my field. What I did was reach out and start making phone calls:

- I got in touch with professors in my major at ASU and asked to met with them. I was straight up about looking for work and asked what they would do in my position. I learned that the state Board of Technical Registrants has an online public list of all registered professionals and firms that hire them.

- I cold called every single person and firm on that list to send them my resume.

- I got in touch with the local professional organization and started attending the meetings, volunteering, and being as active as possible at events.

- I didn't get a job in my field for a year. During that time I worked in a related (lower paying) field which gave me time to learn related secondary and tertiary skills that augmented my skill set. I also kept reaching out to firms and kept volunteering.

All of those phone calls were hard. Every awkward handshake and nervous smile was hard. I had to take a few breaths to pscyh myself up before each event or meeting or interview because they were all hard--but over time all of those things became easier because I had done it so many times. Networking is just like any other skill: you have to practice to get better and to practice you have to try.

Put yourself out there!

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Are there any private industries tackling any number of climate change solutions that you're excited about?

Not to be cynical, but I feel like humanities best chance at global climate change will be new technologies that aren't currently tied to money or politics.

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Great question