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mr_g1gglesworth2 karma

My country aswell as other european countries take action to control the spread of the virus, planning for a slow but steady spread of the virus throughout the population. Anyone, but especially the elderly and those with comorbidities are at risk of being hospitalized from this virus.

Others have a higher chance of none to mild symptoms, able to get better at home over a certain period. This group however, will not be tested for the virus in my country and we will have to rely on estimates from our healthservices to establish how widespread the infection is.

To my question: as the description mentions this will mean a lack of true reliable info on: - the percentage of people, from whatever age group, requiring hospitalization. - the symptoms people with "mild complaints" suffer from, on average. (As this can vary alot, from agonizing headaches, fever and chest pain to virtually no symptoms)

Question: on the above two points, is there any reliable source reporting on this. What country produces reliable info on these points (southkorea?)?

Thank you