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What's the scoop on "Herman's head" Are they ever going to bring it back??

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I only base my knowledge on a few months of reading and research on DMT, so I apologize if my comment sounds ignorant, but I read in a few places, that some believe the tunnel people report going through when they experience near death experiences is caused by a large release of DMT in their brains by the Pineal gland.

I have recently found myself fascinated by DMT, its affects and reported benefits, but I don't understand why it's considered a schedule 1 drug.

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My wife and just tried a box of these a couple weeks ago..... Since then we have bought 2 more boxes :-) They are definitely delicious and I love the "instructions" that come with them.

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Wow.... You are a brave guy.... Being a mandated reporter, you can serve jail time for going along with the cover up. Unless, you reported it to your direct manager.... then... its their problem ;-)

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IT operations and Data Center compliance guru here. In fact, I am currently building an IT department governed by HIPPA/NIST regulations now. I have been building and managing HIPPA/PCI/NIST etc, compliant facilities and organizations since the mid 90s and I can say this.... You can have every conceivable data risk covered. And have a seemingly fool proof security environment. All it takes is one idiot user to leave their laptop in their car when they are at the grocery store and you are screwed. Even with robust endpoint management, encrypted disks, disabling USB storage devices... etc.... most people keep their passwords on a post it note in their backpack.... We really do our best to keep things secure, but you can never completely remove the idiot human factor.