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"I'm not like sending them dick pics on snapchat or whatever though."

Umm... that's... oddly specific...

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This happened millions of years ago!!!

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RIP Kik Messenger

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Just curious: how would the High-Speed Rail between NorCal and SoCal stay competitive or provide a viable solution for quick transits? Just curious how this option would be vs alternatives we have, such as buses that sell cheap tickets and food/beverages.

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That’s awesome. I really have high hopes of this to be a good model/example like the Shinkansen in Japan. I guess my biggest worry is how many stops it has that can slow transit time and the services provided that you mention.

Example: bus service in San Jose to LA is like $25/person but it is a direct transit with no stops in between, so it is 6-7 hour transit time.

A Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto is $150/person. WiFi accessible internet is nonexistent during travel time (train is too fast for WiFi signal to keep up) and reliable internet only occurs at the stops in between. Travel time is 140 minutes, almost 2.5 hours.

Essentially adding stops in-between will add more transit time. How many stops are planned?