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Ok, I’ll bite: why the middle initial in your byline?

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If someone were to make a film about Jeff Goldblum and have someone else play him, who do you think he’d want it to be?

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Kaitlin, I am currently pregnant and checking out your site myself. I would have thought putting in my address would narrow my registry choices down to local and remote options only, but I’m getting registry guide suggestions that are in-person and not remotely local. Is this a feature you expect to update?

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Makes sense to me! And I agree, Mandrews is a way more memorable last name than Andrews ;)

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Do you understand how IRBs work? If the hypothesis is that something will improve mortality rates, you’re never going to get a RCT approved for that because no one is going to fund or support a study in which you’re knowingly choosing a condition for some of the participants that you have reason to believe could cause them harm (i.e., by not providing the intervention you hypothesize improves mortality outcomes).