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Lots of folks asked really great questions but here's an interesting one.

Some people say transplant recipients sometimes inherit a trait from the donor...for example having a sudden taste for spicy food they didn't before. If the recipient got something from you what would it be?

As someone who has received a kidney transplant and is waiting on the list for a second, a big thank you to you...you literally affected change in someone's life on such a deep level that i understand from personal experience it brings tears to my eyes, hope your recovery continues going well.

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Yes, lots (not all) of transplant centers will deny you if you are a cannabis user. It's really really unfortunate because it is one of the best things to combat the symptoms of CKD and dialysis.

The transplant centers that allow it, usually only allow edible use. The fear is there is a mold that can be found in flow after it is cured and is not destroyed when combusted and therefor an infection threat to the respitory system.

The good news is this is changing more and more even with state laws saying cannabis users can not be denied simply for the use of the plant.

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Haha it could be?

Personally after my transplant I started to enjoy spicy food when before I wouldn't go near anything hotter than a bell pepper lol I've also heard of a recipient craving Mac and cheese immediately after waking up from surgery, turns out it happened to be the donors favorite food!

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Is it because you secretly have two little dicks?

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As a recipient of a kidney transplant this really touches me. you are an amazing person for being so giving. No combination of words can really express what it means to basically have another chance at life because of the good nature of another person.

As far as a question what has your recovery experience been like? I'm curious of the difference between donor and recipient