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And I don't think the term has been diluted.

What about Nazis worldwide? Do you think that there has been a surge of Nazi members in the US commiserate with the surge in the use of the label "Nazi"?

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This is also why I hope that this is preventable.

You said in this very post that "(You) can't even fathom to answer correctly" the question of why these groups are apparently rising.

Why in the world should anyone listen to you trying to prevent something you don't even understand?

Even if you get your emergency passed, how can you even hope to combat your perceived problem when you admittedly can't even fathom why these groups are allegedly happening?

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Ok, let's address those.

How in the everliving fuck is

unconditional support for victims of far-right crime and violence

a good idea?

What, you think that victims of immigrant or left wing crime deserve less support than people that suffer from right wing crime?

That is... insane.

The fact that you post this without even thinking about how much of a partisan politician you are is telling.

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I don't see Nazis everywhere, even with people who are far-right or supporting far-right policies and parties. But that is not the problem. National-Socialism didn't rise in Germany 80 years ago because everyone was a Nazi. It did rise because people supported it (for the wrong reasons) or because people let it happen.

There's a good quote about Björn Höcke, member of the AfD and of the - let's say - furthest-right politicians in our country: "If you're voting for Höcke, you're not a Nazi. But if you vote for Höcke, you're supporting a Nazi."

Very thin line here. "People that even I know aren't Nazis are still dangerous because in 80 years their ideas can change into Nazi-ism".

Tell me what political action you support based on that justification.

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Going by this logic, politics shouldn't exist at all

Hi "Pirate Party" politician.

If it's your view that someone needs to know the reason for everything before they can act on a problem, fine. I'm more likely to mistrust someone who claims to know it all and have a perfect (and simple solution). The emergency declaration has many points that tackle some of the reasons I explained here. I'm pretty sure there are many, many more, some more present, some less. But I'd never think of claiming to know them all.

"Lol, I have no idea what I am doing and if it will work. Surprise surprise, I am a politician. AMA."