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Everyone in my family thinks flight attendants are just overpaid waitresses. Is there anything you can say to change that opinion? Genuinely curious.

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Pretty high if there's stairs. People die a lot from slipping on hardwood stairs. A friend's uncle died running in socks downstairs, hit his head and never woke up. The two times I've mentioned that story, someone always responded that they knew a person who got hurt running around in socks on hardwood stairs.

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Actually, it's absolutist programs like AA that don't work -- AA has a 5% success rate, for example.

When you're talking about your experience, please make sure to convey that this is solely your experience and that other people should seek more moderate means of weight loss. Plenty of people have lost weight by powering through the hunger and cravings that make the first month of weightloss hell. Implying it's literally impossible for an obese person to ever get to a level where they can stop after one slice of pizza is unhelpful and disingenuous.

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But we're not in a doctor's office. That's the difference here. We don't know who this person is and if the people he contracted are qualified to give out medical advice.

I'm not even going to reply to that second paragraph. If you can't see how an app giving fallacious psychological advice falls outside the purview of "omg, like, everyone's entitled to their opinion, maaaan", we can't help you.