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I've got a 400m d side and I'm getting a good pq at the socket with a balanced pair and good insulation, but I'm getting a continuous stream of fec errors, with nothing on tdr. How do I bullshit my way out of dealing with this?

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They both pledged it. The previous governments (plural) already pledged it. It was the timescale that changed.

It's a case of replacing existing copper infrastructure with new fibre. It's already well under way. And regardless of any political promise without government pouring multiple billions in annually it's going to take over a decade as is, and it's best to leave alone as the work is actually running quite well.

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I'm a postman and I have to admit some houses when I have to knock I stand by the door sideways so I don't have to smell what emanates from the door, how did you deal with being inside the stink?

Also do people tear up their own carpets and rip down the wallpaper to convince the council to come fix it? Or do they just like living in filth?

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It's a problem with your provider, you need to ring them up and ask specifically for porn sites to be prioritised.

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I knew it, you knew it, we both knew it. Changed the cable from the bt80 in the bedroom to the first socket in the hall, where I crimped through the back to the living room. And they very kindly didn't clean up anything, including the baggie of weed and all the over crap lying around.