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I would like to see an open crowd source Database/Wiki where court filings would be organized and shared as a free resource for incarcerated people to do legal research.

What are your thoughts. Can you help?

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We must understand evolution and try to work with it and manage it. If we understand why we are naturally driven to group conflict and reject “good and evil”, We will have the tools to foster cooperation.

Many interpret evolution as being synonymous with progress. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Left to it’s own devices, David argues evolution can take us places where we wouldn’t want to go.



; https://youtu.be/61tChpN3lhY

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What can I do? I am deeply Disturbed. Because of our tribalistic nature, We are headed to all destroy ourselves. So so few have the understanding to turn this tide.

We must view ourselves in an evolutionary context. Like David Slone Wilson.

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Again, How is this comforting? I am frustrated. We are headed to all destroy ourselves. And the stoics won't escape the slaughter. Because we all refuse to see ourselves in an evolutionary context.

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My mistake.