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I watched your YouTube videos on this and loved them!

What are your best tips for someone who lives in a city (where growing crops isn't as accessible) who wants to grow their own food? Or at least some of their own food?

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I had the same thing happen to me with mangoes! You are correct. The skin of mangoes have the same oil that poison ivy does which is urushiol.

I LOOOOVE mangoes. They were my favorite fruit until I realized I couldn't eat them because of the skin.

I got a terrible, blistery rash around my mouth and finally figured out it was from mangoes. I'm also very allergic to poison ivy so that it makes sense 😅

However, I did read if someone else prepares and cuts it for you or if you get it frozen and eat it very carefully and wash your mouth out afterwards, you should be okay. I've not been adventurous enough to have someone else cut it for me, but I have had some frozen mango with no rash!

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Awesome suggestions, thanks Rob!

I'll definitely check out the community garden website and see if there's one near me.

I have looked into some at home growing kits, but I unfortunately don't have the greenest of thumbs 😆. Maybe I would do better with food than with house plants.

I'm not sure what a guerrrilla garden is, but I'm going to look it up. Sounds cool!