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What is the expected lifespan of the donor heart?

If it's not "for the rest of your natural life" how does that affect you, mentally?

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They may be, but last night when I was mowing my lawn and apparently disturbed a nest I had no idea was there (and has never been there before) and got stung about a dozen times on my legs...I don't feel much sympathy for them.

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My first exposure to Psions was a 2nd Edition D&D book called The Complete Psionics Handbook that details the class. The Cipher was inspired by that class, but the implementation is quite different.

By that, you mean it wasn't completely broken like the Psionicist in that 2E book. :)

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You mentioned insects having personalities. Does this apply equally to all types of insects, or are some more "gifted" with personality than others? And why are wasps such jerks?

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At this point, with modern medicine, isn't Polio basically eradicated?

My limited understanding is that when talking about this subject, the language is VERY specific. There are numerous criteria that has to be met to declare a disease "eradicated" and part of that seems to be that they have to know things like if the disease has animal hosts as well as human, etc. They basically have to be VERY certain about everything regarding the disease to declare it actually "eradicated."