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Probably EDS. While I think it did help me to become the person I am today, the pain really isn't worth it. I can definitely still live a happy life, but it's a major pain in the neck.

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Pretty nice. Been chilling with my dogs, about to audition for a musical.

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Heya! EDS is a connective tissue disorder that affects every system in the body, but for me it mostly affects my joints and skin. My joints dislocate multiple times daily, and I experience moderate chronic pain. My skin bruises and tears easily, although it's very soft and stretchy, which I suppose is a positive trait. I was born with it, but it becomes more prominent with age as my ligaments stretch from activity. ADOA is an eye condition that causes partial destruction of the optic nerve in the first or second decade of life. It also usually causes hearing loss, which I do not have, and sometimes causes MS-like mobility symptoms and spasticity, which I do have. This mostly affects me by the fact that I am legally blind and spent a year on crutches befor PT helped me to be able to (usually) walk without them.

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They're fantastic, although I wish they were a bit louder. The surround sound is fantastic though, and it stays charged for weeks.

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People! Also theater, particularly opera.