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talk about a surprise ending!

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What does he do with the sperm?

EDIT: This was written before OP Edited his post.

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I like to mix them together.

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What's so evil about a little self promotion? All the best AMAs were done for that reason and nobody ever tried to hide that.

I think IAMA is a great system. Any good questions are upvoted to the top and if they are ignored its plain to see for everyone viewing. That's why its so much more credible than a TV interview for example, where only certain questions can be asked due to contracts etc.

If you don't allow a bit of harmless plugging of product/cause then do you think people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Zach Braff, Bill Gates and Barack Obama are going to do interviews? nope.

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I haven't got any questions, just wanted to say thanks for the detailed, thought out responses. Definitely one of the better AMAs I've read through.