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Have there been any scientific papers written on the efficacy of this form of therapy? (I've never done group even though it's often been recommended to me.) I wonder if a trained therapist could use it to help me, I've always loved D&D but haven't played since my youth.

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Thanks :)

Maybe I'll give therapy another go, I'll show her this.

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How did you know when you were acquiring accomplishments, that it wasn't just a manic episode?

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FUCK, so I can expect changing medications for the rest of my life? I just figured I've been having some really bad luck for the last few decades.

I had hoped we'd eventually find the magic combination/dose and boom I just need to be complient.

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Thanks, :) Yes, real question. I ask because I'm also bipolar 1 and I frequently question weather my ideas are good ones or just me being me to the point that I'm afraid to act on any of my idea's.