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Does talk therapy help with trauma?

Have seen my partner see psychologists for 10 years and I haven't seen any improvement.

Worse when she is doing well her psychologist supports her going off anti depressants which usually leads to her losing her job and falling out with family.

Is their any evidence of talk base therapy working ?

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Have seen three separate psychologists all kind of evenly spaced out over 10 years, not the same psychologist.

My partner want's to stop taking anti-depressants and always works out a plan with her psychologist. Same pattern repeats every few years, goes off anti-depressants which are used to treat anxiety stemming from trauma according to her psychologist. Anxiety goes through the roof, usually believes someone at work is out to get her, gets depressed about situation when she realizes other person is not out to get her. During depression normally stops seeing psychologists or misses appointments, misses work etc, very difficult to get them to see someone during these times.

I've never had a psychologist or even their office call to check on her welfare or call her after missing an appointment after advising to go off meds when all shit breaks loose etc.

Hence my question is their any evidence talk based therapy works? I don't think the whole psychology business model works, when people are not doing well they don't see their psychologists, psychologists don't follow up after giving therapy or suggesting changes unless the patient makes an appointment.

Her last psychologist of few years is a specialist in CBT with multiple phds, and she went off her meds yet again 2 weeks before our holiday and spent the holiday crying in the bathroom.

I've attended sessions with my partner. (Separate psychologist in same office)

Partner is on a low does antidepressant, but the consequences of her stopping taking them are always the same.
(She kept managed to keep the last job probably thanks to fucking the holiday up with the timing)