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  1. What is your most embarrassing awesome drunk story?
  2. When do you foresee needing to go to 6 character URLs for the pictures? If my math (and supposition) is correct, there's only room for 916.13M 5 character urls. Also, how do you come up with the urls (is it just a character randomizer or something like that)?

Also, thank you so much for creating the most user-friendly photo hosting website ever. You're amazing.

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I like your style, sir.

That fast? I'm guessing if you started with single character urls, I can see where that growth rate (plus with the rising popularity of the site and growing userbase) would necessitate longer urls. Also, the system you have in place is very fast and efficient. I like it.

Thanks for the reply!

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It's still pretty darn quick, but that's why you're the guy and not me.