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That eases my mind, I'm not sure where I heard that all those applications were processed a different way.

I do have another question though, Processing times for my application from within Canada were super long, like two years total for the whole thing to get done. I applied in Feb. this year and I received emails from them asking for more information last month (already made all the corrections and sent it back) are they processing my application faster or something?

My Mother once applied for us to be sponsored through the an immigration nomination programme in our province, could that have any affect on my PR application?

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I'm an Australian who moved to Canada as a minor with my mother about 6 years ago. I recently applied for permanent residence through my common law boyfriend sponsoring me. I feel like I fell into a category that doesn't exist and I'm terrified that my application will be rejected because I haven't been able to work for so long and I have lived in Canada for the past 6 years.

Is there a special way that cases like mine would be handled? I heard that most of these applications for permanent residence were rejected or accepted based on some other application that I know I didn't qualify for (Canadian Experience Class or something)