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That did the trick, your hotline was super-helpful. The guy answered quickly and can answer questions on ALL 50 STATES, wow! He confirmed: there is no way to get my vote status online in Wake County, NC, but you can call the Board of Elections office to ask, they answered quickly and confirmed my vote and poll location. Awesome! In case you're in Wake Co, you can call 9 1 9 - 4 0 4 - 4 0 4 0 . Thanks, Common Cause!

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Details: I have diligently pursued the casting of my vote. I'm in NC. Due to Covid-19 issues, I requested an absentee ballot early in the process. When early voting began, I went several times to find a place where the lines were not going to potentially jeopardize my ability to vote. I found a place and time where I could early vote in 20 minutes, and got the job done. Now when I check my ballot status, it is officially SPOILED. I assume my in-person vote is valid and I don't need to worry about the spoilage. But I should not have to assume anything! How can I verify my in-person ballot was accepted? I was told it was at the early vote site, but the "spoilage" status has me very worried.