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then I figured participating in a 7hr $30 course on Integrity couldn’t do harm... then I figured purchasing a $2500 12.5hr auditing session couldn’t do harm... then another session for myself, then I fronted one for her, and prepurchased the “Purification Rundown” for both of us -- suddenly I had spent $12,000 at the Church of Scientology.

How rich are you?

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In missouri, they fill in scan-tron forms and just run them through an electronic counter. The voter has to feed the ballot into the machine and it instantly rejects it if something is wrong so the voter can fix it and even get a new ballot to redo it if needed.

This system gives you instant accurate results and leaves a full paper trail.

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This is a fair point. However, we have taken many many steps to ensure maximum driver and rider safety.

No you have not, there is no safe time for a driver to do this work unless they pull over and doing that charges the rider for that time.

Remember, drivers control when they distribute the product and already get loads of SMS messages from their rideshare apps already.

Not while driving.

Self serve where they must have an account with a credit card makes way more sense than making the driver do this work. If they steal, you know who opened it and can charge them.

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Feels way too convenient for maduro. It wouldn't be out of the question to torch his own warehouses if there was no food to give out and then claim right wingers did it.

Hoarding is just theft by those with access to save more for themselves. That is just human nature.

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How does pentobarbital end up in pet food?

It is in the article. Animals euthanized using pentobarbital are being put into dog food.

We can all speculate why. The sick animals are sold off for pet food because they don't want to risk killing a human.

Like it or not, pet food is always going to be the worst quality everything. It does not matter what the manufacturer claims, they are not putting meat that could be sold for human consumption in these products.

People put up with it because they don't want to pay for expensive dog food.