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That doesn't imply anything of the sort. MCAS was purely created to negate pilot training. Not to offset a design flaw.

MCAS's job is to remove the differences in behavior between the MAX and the previous 737s so that airlines don't have to pay for a bunch of new expensive training.

MCAS is not needed in any way, pilots could simply be trained. Hell, there are already mechanisms to alert pilots to stall conditions, I honestly don't get the point of MCAS. Pilots would get the stick shaker warning and adjust if they came close to stalling, no different than previous models. If they learned in flight, they pretty quickly would adjust so they don't trigger the stall warning (assuming normal flight behavior would even trigger it). Not having MCAS would have been a better approach, although training would still be better.

The issues with MCAS are with MCAS, not even the AoA. AoA sensor failure is rare. MCAS simply did a really stupid thing. Each time you started the plane, MCAS would switch to the other AoA and only use that one AoA for the whole flight. The manual never told anyone about this and the only way to switch MCAS back would be to reboot the plane mid flight. As it was, if a pilot experiences a bad AoA, disables MCAS, and lands. The maintenance crew fires the plane up, but the MCAS automatically switches to the other AoA that is not malfunctioning. The maintenance crew sees no issues and certifies it to fly. The next time it starts up and takes off, it switches back to the bad AoA and another pilot has to deal with a runaway stabilizer on takeoff(the worst time). Because MCAS would just keep erroneously pushing the nose down, it is a crap shoot if a pilot is able to prevent the aircraft from crashing. It is really dependent on the altitude they got before the plane started to dive. The sooner they turn off MCAS the better position they are in, but there is no guarantee any pilot will flip that off in any set amount of time. Some pilots will take longer, mostly due to the fact they were never trained on how MCAS works.

Boeing is changing MCAS so it only fires once. They are putting an AoA disagree light to help people troubleshoot MCAS(most pilots don't care about this light at all). They will now use both AoAs and not just flip between the two.

I haven't seen if they will decouble MCAS from the electronic stabilizer. I really hope they do. There is no valid reason why shutting off MCAS should also disable the power stabilizer controls. That is what caused the second crash, the pilots couldn't fix the trim because there was too much pressure on the stabilizer. They flipped MCAS back on out of desperation to get electric stabilizer controls back, but MCAS kept pushing the trim down so they couldn't combat its commands and they crashed. In theory, they could have reduced throttle and that would have helped, but they had seconds and just didn't realize it. Their hands were probably full trying to fight MCAS and adjust the stabilizer.

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then I figured participating in a 7hr $30 course on Integrity couldn’t do harm... then I figured purchasing a $2500 12.5hr auditing session couldn’t do harm... then another session for myself, then I fronted one for her, and prepurchased the “Purification Rundown” for both of us -- suddenly I had spent $12,000 at the Church of Scientology.

How rich are you?

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In missouri, they fill in scan-tron forms and just run them through an electronic counter. The voter has to feed the ballot into the machine and it instantly rejects it if something is wrong so the voter can fix it and even get a new ballot to redo it if needed.

This system gives you instant accurate results and leaves a full paper trail.

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This is a fair point. However, we have taken many many steps to ensure maximum driver and rider safety.

No you have not, there is no safe time for a driver to do this work unless they pull over and doing that charges the rider for that time.

Remember, drivers control when they distribute the product and already get loads of SMS messages from their rideshare apps already.

Not while driving.

Self serve where they must have an account with a credit card makes way more sense than making the driver do this work. If they steal, you know who opened it and can charge them.

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Feels way too convenient for maduro. It wouldn't be out of the question to torch his own warehouses if there was no food to give out and then claim right wingers did it.

Hoarding is just theft by those with access to save more for themselves. That is just human nature.