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Howdy again! Are there any near-term plans for a single ELB to support mapping from a single ingress port (e.g. 443) to multiple service ports on multiple endpoints/containers (e.g. 6743, 4632, and 7322)? Thanks!

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Howdy! Are there any near-term plans to support running > 1 copies of a given container on a single instance w/o specifying them as additional task definitions? Thanks!

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Intentional that the GitHub link goes to a fork of ecs-agent rather than the source?

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Howdy again! Any ETA on facilities to delete task definitions? Thanks!

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Hm, not to devolve into support - we started a test service task with 5 requested copies against 3 container instances, and received only 3 service tasks. Could this limitation have been a result of something port mapping-related?