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To what extent is having Biden spearhead the guns conversation due to issues of race?

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Hiya Glenn,

I teach art to teenagers in New Haven and the other day I asked them what their college plans were, if any. Except for the two who have European grandmothers and intend to use their lineage to immigrate to the EU for a cheap education, most regard it as a prohibitively expensive proposition. One is too preoccupied wondering how he will help pay off his mother's student loan debt, let alone his own in a few years. I enjoyed 4 incredible, life-changing years at Yale, like you did, and this breaks my heart to say they might be right.

I despair for them. Can you expound a little about the New Disruptors of Education--Do you think years down the line one could get a Bachelor's or Master's Degree from khan academy or similar inexpensive online university? Are frats, clubs, Masters Teas, working on the college newspaper worth that additional 200+ thousand dollars in debt?

Good luck in next 60+ hours of crowd funding. I can't wait for my book! (hopefully:) Rodger

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To what extent is Joe Biden's insertion into the gun debate an issue of race-based fear of gun owners?