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Cristiano Ronaldo looked at the comment, then out the window. The sprinklers had activated, laying down a blanket of moisture on the verdant trimmed lawn, a haze left in their wake. It had been quite some time since anything had perturbed his confidence, or notion of what made sense in this world.

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may lead down a darker path

I, too, have eaten a KitKat like a regular candy bar.

No eating all the chocolate off a piece and then the wafer layer by layer. Nope.

A bite out of it, like a burger.

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somehow missed the pole

"You see that hole with naught but a pole?"

"I shall miss it completely and pay the toll."

"A toll for what? Are you smoking crack?"

"The toll in the form of my broken back."

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Cooking for my mates usually involves a window and a "What do you want?" to the backseat.