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Why didn't you investigate the Uranium One deal? Or any of the scandals that were exposed in the Podesta emails?

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You might dig into the primary win by Alvin Greene. IMHO that race was someone advertising their skills prior to the general election.

I've been following election hacking stories for over a decade and I've yet to see ANY evidence that Russia was involved in hacking voting machines in the US. There are tons of studies and videos showing how easy it is to hack a voting machine (even one with a paper ballot) if you have physical access. ... occam's razor suggests that the people most likely to hack the 2020 election are the the people with physical access - the Democrats and Republicans who maintain and control the machines.

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.. found a video.. The shadow looks much larger than I had imagined.

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How long until commercial mining missions are common?

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$65 million

Makes me wonder how much of that Capri pocketed and how much went to mob connections for protection.