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In Canada many reserves are very impoverished with no running water, poor housing conditions, and disease. Are the conditions there similar?

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In The Comediens of Comedy, did you or David Cross realize the person you were double teaming on stage during your musical number was female? Also, when are you going to transfer your success from voice work into a career as an A list actor on the big screen?

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The magic of the internet.

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Did you sleep with that drunk girl at We Fest? Sorry for being so specific.

Edit: Also, in that episode, your dad didn't seem too thrilled to be on your show. Does he not approve of your lifestyle?

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Love your comic. As a fellow canuck, your hate of nickleback is appreciated (so is your rescinding on your dislike for QotSA), and I loved your comic introducing the world to Canada's new PM (fake) Stephen Harper. Now for some questions. Captain Estar goes to Heaven was a fantastic graphic novel. Do you have any intention on selling physical copies? It's one I'd love to add to my library. Also, what are some online comics that you enjoy? I'm always interested to know what artists check out, and whether it coincides with my faves. Thanks!