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It's probably because we're educated to leave any and every spider the fuck alone as small children. It's safer than trying to show them which are safe ect. only to get them confused and have them get bitten.

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No, fearing most large, hairy spiders is related to disgust and not danger but when you have a lineup of spiders like the ones that thrive in our dry, warm, wooded climate it is important to teach kids to keep away from them until they're old enough to respect them properly and learn about them more.

There are common garden spiders, hunstman spiders, daddy long legs ect. around here that couldn't hurt you if they tried, but there are also countless other ones in close proximity to them that will cause a great deal of harm.

I get from your username you're probably a spider person, but around here a lot of the spiders are not like tarantulas. They are not docile and they will fuck shit up.

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Yeah, pretty much.

The safest route to go about spider education here IMO is to generalise spiders as dangerous until the kids are old enough to be taught otherwise. It can result in some people thinking this way for their whole life, but hey, at least we have a good track record for spider safety! ;)

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Do you actually have an argument against what I'm saying or how I'm presenting it?

I live in Australia, where everything is designed to kill and most of the fauna is best left alone.

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I think you're just nitpicking here. Where I live it's better to teach kids to leave everything the fuck alone until they're old enough to respect it properly. I'm not saying they need to fear them, I'm saying they need to not be taught "Spiders are friends!" before they can properly identify the ones that will give you a little sting from the ones that will put you in hospital.