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Did you ever date someone else who also worked at the mall?

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What's your opinion on injecting polio and other diseases to cure cancer? Will this be a viable option in the future?

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Has the keto diet every been proposed as part of your treatments?

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not a lot of people can say they worked in a mall for more than a year and avoided a mall romance

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The documentary "Magic Pill" shows a cancer patient whose cancer improved and was cured soley by cutting out all sugars and grains from her diet (I guess a ketogenic diet). Have there been studies or ample anecdotal info suggesting that a carb-free diet can help fight cancer?

EDIT: for reference; here's a trailer to the documentary "Magic Pill" that features a woman with a breast cancer tumor who claims that her tumor disappeared after she started a strict eating regimen (ketogenic diet). I'm also linking a follow-up article about the doctor in the documentary who "supported" the cancer claim.