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My boyfriend was on the phone with one of my aunts last night and asked her "So if i came to India, and lived how i do in Canada, and disregarded your countries ways and beliefs, would that be acceptable?.. my aunt replied no.. so he asked, then why is it okay for you to come to Canada and live against our life-style and expect everything to be fine? She had no answer, and just like the rest of my family, they use the culture crutch again, when it has nothing to do with it, because i personally know several Indian girls who are dating white guys and its fine. This is solely on how my parents are reacting as individuals.

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My uncle threatened to kill his family. Yes police were involved, along with his mother being notified of the threat. His mother loves me and of course would offer to have me stay there, but for right now its best to be safe and prove to my family i can manage on my own. i have practically had everything handed to me my whole life

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I would very carefully sneak my house phone into the washroom and give my boyfriend a little 12 second update before i had to hang up and resume being watched again. It obviously didnt settle with my boyfriend when we had no contact for a week straight, so he alerted police of the situation and sent an officer to come check up on me, and that is where everything kinda unfolded. If it werent for him, i'd still be there

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Well, im 19, and im working on getting on welfare at the moment, just so i can get a place RIGHT away, this women's shelter is only for 30 days and living with my boyfriend isnt the best choice right now. So once i am on welfare and i find a cheap place, i will be back job hunting to pay for my own home & get back to university