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Did vikings really have crazy haircuts like they're being portrayed these days?

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Easiest "in" now for film would be to go to one of the various schools in Vancouver. It's the hot spot for jobs now, and a lot of industry people teach in the various schools. They're mostly 2yr programs and whatnot so you won't walk away with a full BFA or anything like that, but the connections can make it worth while. Just be aware that Vancouver is super expensive so be prepared for sticker shock on rent, and other things.

Biggest needs right now would be in FX, or compositing. For fx learn Houdini, and learn nuke to make your slap comps. (It's probably the hardest department FYI, but it's the most stable job...also for that same reason..) For comp just learn nuke. If those don't float your boat you can still try for animation, and modelling, enviro/matte painting, lighting.. There are a lot of departments.

Commercials and games are still strong in the US though so any of the main schools should get you a job if your reel is good. (biggest thing is to have a good reel. All the schooling in the world won't matter if your reel sucks)

One last piece of advice. VFX is a job where you're all in, or you'll hate it. 6-9 months out of the year of 60+ hr weeks isn't uncommon. That's 6-7 days a weeks... 12 hrs a day for sometimes months at a time. If you don't love the work then it's not the career for you.

I had teachers that were upfront with me on that so I knew what I was getting into, but a lot of youngsters out there don't get the same honesty I did.

On the plus side you can travel the world for work. It's just not quite as easy as it used to be. I highly recommend that experience though if you can swing it. There aren't many careers that allow you to do that outside of the military.