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molohunt41 karma

Why did it take over a year after i funded the kickstarter to receive one of the cubes, And on top of that, Why did i see them in my local Walmart being commerically sold before i received my backers fidget cube? Not trying to troll or anything its been years but thats always been a question on my mind and has actually stopped me from purchasing any future products. I still have my cube beside me and fidget every few days my hands find it. every button works fine, great product. Not so great release.

molohunt17 karma

This was an Antsy Lab's Fidget cube that was being sold not a counterfeit one......I can track down the picture i took of it most likely if i had too, It was not counterfeit anything...Don't play that card

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When we "unsubscribe" From certain emails. like News letters or updates from say Amazon or Newegg. They SAY they dont keep our emails or sell them off. But do they really?

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But.....I didnt receive my fidget cube for months after that. its not like it showed up a week later. Why did this walmart even have the product before backers? they shouldnt even of had the product PERIOD and yet here it was on display...with the companys logo branding and etc....Also this isnt something "new" This was complained about by people back when it happened. i just wasnt one of them, like comon its just a fidget cube no need to break peoples backs over a toy.

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The walmart stand was an Antsy Lab's branded display. it wasnt counterfeit. I took a quick look to find it cant find it. it must be burried somewhere. ill find it one day and throw it up here. I swear i showed it to my ex and we had a good laugh about how they were selling it before i got mine.