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I'm glad that's the case for you, but look at Kobe Steel mate. 5 decades of this nonsense ruining everything around the globe.

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Perhaps they don't want to support a policy that would put them out of a job.

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I've seen people on social media say Beto is a good candidate.

(I don't live in the US, just an observation)

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A bit of a generic question, but how hard do you work? It seems to me that people who do things like run companies, or multiple companies are essentially married to their work. You're not going to decline a client meeting on a Saturday for instance, or another that's late at night. A 9-to-5er has the option of taking a day off for being sick, but if you don't come in, nothing happens. Salary aside, the responsibility seems immense. Even when you aren't working, you need to be ready to and thinking about what to do next at work. Am I wrong, or do you feel that I'm exaggerating the issue? Or is this an accurate summary?

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Can you describe the sorts of problems one could expect to solve/work on if they worked in Data Science at MS?