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1) Far as I know, the N6 allows for 4 programs (real-world, conversation, a beam setting, and a music program, right?). Typically the "4th program" is often a "music program" that accentuates the softer sounds of music. Do you use a music program when you play? If not, what program do you typically use?

2) What led to your decision to go bi-modal? (Most people I know with CI's have done bilateral CI's, instead of just one).

3) Have you ever fallen asleep with the CI on while listening to something peaceful? Reason I ask, most of the time, CI users take off their implants at bedtime so this experience of falling asleep to an audiobook or music playing is probably unlikely to happen?

4) What are some of the most interesting sounds you've heard since you've gotten the CI?

5) What's your setup when you answer phone calls? Do you just put the phone to your CI, or do you use Bluetooth, or something like the Mini Microphone?

6) Concerts, an opera, or an orchestra? What would you attend and why?

Great that you're learning ASL. I think it's a good idea to have multiple options for communication.