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Looks like a version of a Farnsworth-Hersch-Meeks fusor, is this correct? I'm used to them being in leaded glass Bell jars for maximum ooohhs and aaaahhhs also x rays.. but congrats! Would love to know more about the power supply, can you share some more info?

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That's awesome. Been wanting to build one forever. Been building Tesla coils for a bit and wanted to step it up. Started a 3d printing company so I have the resources too. If you ever need parts let me know. Keep on making awesome! Good work

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Come hang out in /r/3dprinting and for the professional side with no shit posts: /r/additivemanufacturing

I'm one of the pros active in both, and OP is right the mk2 and the new mk3 punch well above their weight class. Feel free to ask any questions here or in a pm if you'd like. We are all here to help

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Hey Matt! Thank you guys for doing this! As someone who works in the professional 3D printing industry (I run a full color 3D Printing company), it is great to see something in the news for 3D Printing besides firearms! My question for you is how do you plan on doing the printing? What are the machines you plan to use? And will the data that you guys collect be available to the public, such as the DNA sequencing? If there is some way that I can help you guys please let me know!

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Ben, awesome story! Love the work you put in and thankfully you ended up with printers that did not suck! I know you're making the arm out of ABS based on posts here but have you considered PETG? It doesn't need an enclosure, does not stink, it's recycled, and it's Tg is almost the same as abs, so it can handle the heat and such. Switched over to it in my business a long time ago and never looked back.

If you ever have questions about printing or design feel free to reach out. I own a professional service bureau and would be honored to help out someone with as good of a heart as you! Nice work!